Finishing the Development Road map

How long do you think it will take for the current development road map to be finished 100%?

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If you mean the finished game, then probably around fall this year.

But if you mean the whole Dev Road Map as a whole, then probably never, as Stonehearth is a game which updates itself frequently.

I’m not sure if it’ll be around Autumn this year, probably pushing 2015 for everything on the roadmap.

There will more than likely be things that aren’t on the roadmap that are done before things that are. Then with things like the dwarfs coming ‘post-release’ and everything like mulitiplayer etc. I can see things running into next year.

Having said that, I firmly believe the game we will be playing in September will be a pretty fleshed out experience. Only time will tell.


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I think that sounds like a reasonable assumption and I think it’s good as there’s a lot on it and and if they hurried to finish it for the autumn it will most likely not be as good and SH is such a good game I don’t want that to happen! :smiley:
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These estimates for Autumn, will there be a version that’s Mac-compatible by then( having a mac means it’s quite tricky to get games WHICH IS ANNOYING!

They’ve said they’re aiming for an Autumn release for the Mac/ Linux - but obviously these things can be pushed back.

They’ve also said that once the core systems are in place work will begin on the ports, unfortunately it’s just one of those things that will take time.

I see…


Mac was stated to be done by full release. Just dual boot windows, it’s what I do when needed. It’s becoming less and less so now though, just gain a dislike of things like AAA games and you’ll be pretty much set for mac compatibility.