Fences not being placed

I’ve a bunch of fences set out but the villagers have stopped placing them, any suggestions? I’m assuming that it’s adding to my task load as well and slowing things down.

You also can’t click on the ghost fence to cancel the task or have them place it in a different spot.

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Thanks for reporting – this is an issue we’re working on actively (it also happens with windows in buildings).


Thanks for the quick response! Is there anyway I can kill the task using console?

I believe there is a tool for canceling a task in the harvest menu, but I’m not sure if there’s a console command for it :confused:

I thought this was a bug at first but it’s actually just extremely slow placement. Placing, looting and picking up seem to be the lowest priority.

I placed 20 saplings and a fence around my pasture last night and it was around 2.5hours (a movie and a half) before the tasks were complete. With 10 workersm all I had going on beyond placement was crafters crafting and a small mining area that was finished in the first half hour.

Fairly sure this is just a byproduct of the new AI and Pathfinder needing some love and tweaking :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion from Possible Bug: Soldier's jagged combat and general movements and Wall Mounted Tapestries:
A12 r2650

I’m separating this second bug here, as I’d like the devs to pay attention to this one too. If it is what I think, it’s the same thing that is affecting both @Froggy and me on our respective mods.

Default ladders are being placed, but the item can’t be placed, probably because the ladder is far from the wall.

@sdee, @yshan, @Albert this is game breaking :disappointed_relieved:

This is a 2650 save game with the issue.


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I think @brad acknowledge this over in another thread (though he said window, not tapestry…)

Fences not being placed

Edit: Paging @Relyss, @8BitCrab, or @SteveAdamo, is this the same thing (issue with item placement)? Should it be [Ack] and/or merged?

It might be. But windows are related to building itself, if they don’t get placed at all… That’s bad.

Here we’re discussing about auto-ladders being built but the item is never placed.

Let’s wait for devs to confirm if it’s the same underlying bug, then merge.

Edit: let’s merge. I just saw this one:

so it looks like a global issue.

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If anyone is interested, I can consistently (across multiple different saved games) get a window to install by placing ladders at the same height but on the inside of the window. Which side of the window seems to vary, but placing two tiny ladders side-by-side always works for me. As for the tapestries, those are a little trickier. Manually placing a ladder immediately to the left of, but one tick higher than the auto placed one ALMOST always works.

Additionally, I have had not only fences refused to be placed, but also benches of both kinds. The only solution to this that I can find is to delete both the ghost of the item AND sell/delete the item that was triggered to be placed. About half the time, this results in errors, and I simply relog to the previous save to avoid “dead spots” where nothing can go forevermore.

These permanent dead spots show up a lot during building pretty much anything as well, and it seems that both the building and the hanging item placement problems are ladder issues, and the other items are more likely some type of corruption of the item, since it happens (for me at least) exclusively to items that have been stored in containers.

Saving under a new save and reloading every five minutes is pretty harsh, but I will dilligently bang my head against the wall, because this game rocks anyway! :smiley:

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