Unable to place Tapestries and fences

Hi, I’ve got trouble with placing a tapestry on a wall : the ladder is set but they don’t place the tapestry at all. Other thing, there isn’t a button to place fence anymore. Thank you for your work :slight_smile:

That was something they took out for release 114 (or 110? I think it was 114) because you couldn’t place them adjacent to each other (if you tried, one of them would float up because the collision boxes overlapped). I take it this wasn’t yet corrected for the present release.

Ok thanks, maybe you know too if it’s normal to find items already placed in the “place item” menu.

I’ve not heard of that one. If you’re sure that it’s really items already placed and not just those of that item type that have not been placed even though some others have been, then it’s probably a bug worth reporting (:

I’m quite sure it’s already placed items :slight_smile: hope it helped.