Problem placing tapestries and paintings

Hearthlings will not place a tapestry or painting if it requires climbing a ladder to be placed
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a tapestry
  2. Hearthling raises ladder
  3. Wait for ever…

Expected Results:
Tapestry is placed on wall (house, terrain, whatever)
Actual Results:
Ladder is placed but tapestry isn’t
It also happens to that painting when it is hanged high enough to require a ladder. If you hang it lower and no ladder is required, the painting is placed without problem.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest version, Autoharvest, rivers, Stonehearth doorways.
System Information:

I have placed the painting on a wall at a low height, and now they have placed it from the wrong side of the wall :smiley:

Have Fun, Kyth.

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This applies to the profession signs too, and I expect it also applies to any wall item requiring a ladder at the moment.

The problem seems to be that the ladder is built one block too far “forward”, so the hearthlings can’t seem to reach the item. I’ve found an easy work-around is just to place a ladder behind the auto-placed one/directly on the wall (which means it usually clips into the item to be placed), allowing the hearthlings to access it directly.


There’s some issue with the destination regions. We’re looking at it.

Thanks for reporting!

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This is fixed now, not sure when its going out : ).