Fatal Exception - Address Space

What might be causing this crash? Address Space?

2014-Dec-20 14:51:00.761426 Fatal Exception.
2014-Dec-20 14:51:00.761426 Total System Memory: 31.947 GB (34302435328 bytes)
2014-Dec-20 14:51:00.761426 Current Memory Usage: 1.633 GB (1753751552 bytes)
2014-Dec-20 14:51:00.761426 Total Address Space: 2.000 GB (2147352576 bytes)
2014-Dec-20 14:51:00.761426 Available Address Space: 24.824 MB (26030080 bytes)
2014-Dec-20 14:51:00.761426 Used Address Space: 1.976 GB (2121322496 bytes)

Not enough info, @BlockHeadTimo :frowning: . Could use your PC’s specs, and exactly what happened when the crash occurred.

System Information:

Windows Pro 8.1
32 GIG DDR3 800mhz
Intel Core i7 3820
Graphics: Radeon HD 7970

My citizens were doing a bit of running around collecting resources and food when the system crashed to desktop without messages. This has happened several times.

I have been seeing this error often in the log as well.

Just some info:
When this happens it should be automatically sending Radiant the crash dump file.
In a recent stream it was stated that they are looking at these crash dumps to find the bugs responsible.

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I’ve found out that creating 700 entities with 900 model variants each will pretty reliably reproduce this error. Then again, that’s not exactly a “common thing to do”.

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LOL @RepeatPan – I’m not even sure what that means exactly. Does sound like a lot of modeling however. :smile:

I think they’re all 1x1x1 differently-coloured voxels is all (“all”… hah…), ie for use in fancy coloured structures and the like (been talking to @RepeatPan via Steam occasionally as his sounding board :wink: ).

Paging @Sdee, I think it’s important the guys know that 630k entities/variants is too much for the game ATM. Optimisation fun ahead :laughing:


Noted! Adding @not_owen_wilson, @Ponder

To create custom voxel geometry, it’s much more efficient to use _radiant.client.create_voxel_node on the client. See the ConstructionDataRenderer class for an example. It’s used to create custom voxel geometry from the region_collision_shape of an entity and is what we use for drawing buildings. You can get one created by creating your own component and adding your renderer class to the “component_renderers” key in the manifest (again, see how construction_data works).


Neato, I’ll give it a try.

Might not explain why this is happening to @BlockHeadTimo though, unless he’s doing something similar

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I’m playing vanilla except for editing the leather_bolt.json so that I can craft leather.

Do you happen to have a save file where this error happens repeatedly?

I have a few save files and logs I can zip together and upload to my file server later today. I’ll post links when I have them available. Thanks!