Farming underground

There should be a way to move dirt to farm underground

You would then need some type of sunlight as well as irrigation underground. Lots of work to farm underground.

are sunlight and water modeled in-game now? or future requirements?

Well, just being difficult to do it is no stopper to trying to do it :slight_smile: that’s the fun of this genre of games. (compared to “some other game” which has people trying to drain oceans, I’ll say bringing light and water underground is not that far fetched…)

Perhaps the solution isn’t so much bringing in sunlight and water as having a particular variety of crops that need or prefer that environment. Maybe something involving the crafting of spoiled food into ‘mushroom feed’ or the like to trigger growth.

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Hmm … I am not sure but you should be able to build a farm underground on earth type of ground, not stone.

Atm you can grow underground (on dirt) the same way you do above ground. No need for water or sun :confused: