Farmers wont harvest crops

My farmers wont harvest any of the ripe crops and they are all dying.

do you got any pictures, world save, mods that you use? Your post holds little information for us to help you.

Seeing you only have 10 villagers at the moment, i would suggest lowering the amount of fields. Seems they are very busy planting and not spending enough time harvesting. Also i would suggest at the start up not planting things like wheats and silk plant. They don’t really do allot for you in early game start up but are taking time from your farmers.

You could toggle the haul button in the villagerscreen so they are only focussing on there job. When all is planted and none are ready for harvest this will make them idle until they got some work to do again.

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Seeing those hundreds of items in the storage, are you sure you didn’t hit the maximum inventory capacity? I think you can see it if you click on the leftmost button (the tower). You are able to have a maximum of 1500 items with 10 hearthlings.


good idea, don’t reach it my self so haven’t thought about that one. Wondering if it prevents harvesting of food or just storage of food just like you can still cut trees, there just not gathered.

I am having this issue even after this last update: Alpha 19 - 3181. Most of my crops just sit in the dirt and die. Have tried restarting and reloading the UI. Have put all my regular workers on haul only, Farmers aren’t harvesting anything. Have tons of storage space.

Can you upload the save?

To upload a save, locate the folder in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install), zip the individual save’s folder (not the entire saved_games folder), and upload it. If the *.zip is less than 10 MB, feel free to upload it directly to the Discourse. If larger, please upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

Enjoy. Hope this works.

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I am on my 3rd world right now.
I have added the extended speed button.
I am noticing now that my crops are just dying.
Early game for the 3 games it was working but closer to where I’m getting a decent amount of
citizens and farmers they are just letting them die like crazy!
I have had 7 farmers with about 10 fields!
I am now at 3 fields that have crops that are alive and removed all the other fields!
I have 17 citizens all together and I find the farmers are going and doing other jobs!
Or socializing or being idle, sleeping or eating…
Like I said I’ve tried MULTIPLE worlds and the same issue always happens.
Game is up to date as far as Steam says!
And I have 16gb of ram, 2gb graphics card and more than enough hard drive space!
I should not have any issues with any of my games that I play especially one that is not graphics intensive!

Please get back to me with some sort of solution.
I’d really like to get up to the citizens I used to have a few months ago and it was quite a bit!
But I can’t get anywhere in this game!


A simple error check for you, 1st check the villager screen. If there are any boxes unchecked, theres likely the problem. examine if job suspect has been accidentally toggled If not, uncheck haul, and continue to step 2. Check your inventory in the village manifest and see if you’ve reached the item cap. If no, continue to step 3. Check to ensure you have enough inventory space for the new crops designated for food storage. having storage isn’t helpful if it isn’t set to hold food items.

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The farmers (and oher hearthlings) becoming idle instead of working might have to do with the amount of villagers combined with the 3x speed overwhelming the pathfinding. I had this same issues with the 2x speed when I reached 25+ villagers, but setting the game speed to 1x appeared to solve the problem and made the villagers get back to their job.

An easy way to see if your computer is having trouble with the amount of processes being done is to look at the colored bar at the bottom of the screen (click on it for more details). If this contains an percentage idle, you’re fine and this isn’t the problem, if it is always bussy and never even displays idle, your game has to much to do and thus suspends some of the pathfinding jobs, making hearthlings pick up closer jobs, or even go into their free time animations.

To be perfectly honest, chances are that you are maxing out your CPU having x3 speed on.

The limiting factor in any game of stonehearth is your prossessing power, ram sometimes becomes limiting when you have like 50 hearthlings and 10,000 items but this isn’t the case with what your seeing.
And you can just turn the graphics down if that is messing with it, I’d suggest turning all graphics options off/ to lowest.

To actually run stonehearth well at x3 speed you need at least a newish quad core i7, and that is with only 20 hearthlings.

What I just realized which I find annoying and which explains my inventory
issues with always being full…

There are things in the inventory that are being used like doors that are
put up for houses or windows/ beds/ lights… The things that are in use
should NOT be apart of the inventory! If they are not being used than by
all means put them in inventory and consider them inventory.

I’ve played games similar to this. Such as Banished! I am confident that
they do not count things that are in use as part of the inventory which
makes perfect sense!

Please consider this as it is a terrible to do things in gameplay!

Just wanted to give you an example as I play a lot of games, yours is
giving me the biggest issue and inventory is ALWAYS full. If the things
that are not ACTUALLY in the inventory and actually being used than it
should not be considered there. Unable to keep my citizens alive and move
forward with this issue as I do send them on quests to find new things
which makes the inventory a problem!


Things that are in use are NOT part of your storage. They only register on your game inventory for purposes of total gold and such. They do not take up space in your stockpiles or vaults or boxes if they have been placed in the world.

They do take up the global inventory space

The Wood stone and Calais storage blocks only count as 1 inventory