Farmers Idle Harvest Barries

Playing a game where my main food is berries in the beginning, and I had a thought. If in the near future, idle workers (or trappers as I’d prefer) will fish, then why not have farmers harvest barries that are within a certain radius of fields? The go idle for a bit while the crop grows, so I feel this would be a perfect thing for their downtime.

After All, with the removal of the bug causing workers to take breaks at night, we don’t want them to have any other down time either.


In my game play farmers do not go idle once the crop has been planted, instead they would do the same things as workers do
But since you are talking about Alpha 10 this would be good feature to add in this game :slight_smile:


So here we are again.
Fired up SH yesterday and in the current alpha berry bushes still don’t get any love from my farmers unless i tell them manually to harvest those squishy tasty yummy berries every ingame day.

Can’t we have some concept/feature which lets us designate some area (like the one for the shepherd) that makes everything in said area being treated by farmers like any other field. So…
… if we place berry bushes there farmers will harvest berries if ripe for consumption.
… if we place flowers there farmers will harvest …well flowers for the herbalist.
… if we get fruits trees in the far future (or by some fine modder) then farmers… you get the idea.

I HAVE A DREAM! … of orchards full of juicy apples waiting to be turned into cider.

(Cider as a recipe suggestion for the cook. Cook makes kegs(from carpenter) filled with applejuice … which instead of rotting turns into cider with time.
Cider acts as a temporary stat boost for the footmen:
Lowers mind by -1 and boosts body by +1 and spirit by +2.

Alcohol lowers cognitive features and numbs down on pain, raises spirits to be more reckless ya meager goblins! TAKE THIS! … )


“I HAVE A DREAM! … of orchards full of juicy apples waiting to be turned into cider”

I’d suggest something like in Gnomoria, where you can basically flag areas as orchards/groves, and your farmer types will automatically harvest those areas (it can be more complex than that, but that’s the gist that applies here).

So maybe you could designate areas of bushes as “orchards” and such areas would get harvested when appropriate.

I think explicitly designating is the better approach in this type of game (as that’s how you do other tasks) vs having some kind of “grab in a radius” thing that doesn’t match existing behavior and/or which could lead your people to self destruction.

You can (at least in 15, dunno about earlier versions) move bushes too, so you could theoretically build or organize your bushes to be grove-like.