Factions at War\ Questions Unanswered

Many questions have showed up when Stoneheart started to expand his world and many are still without a sure answer:

-Warchief Ogo: after some victories over the Goblin’s camps, their chieftain spoke of this Ogo…and all of them fear him (including the tame wolfes, who seems to be his property). Who is this guy? Can he be an Orc, the only creature that a Goblin have fear? Since we saw Orcs, Goblins, Kobalds and Ogres working togheter, it seems to be so and we must be careful of future updates of the Greenskins.
-Rebel Goblins: Before the appearence of a Goblin camp with Wolfes, a message delivered by a mysterious figure alert you of the imminent danger; if you watch him carefully it seems to be a Goblin. Could not all of them agree the plans of the Warchief Ogo? Or it could be a new race?
-More Tame creatures\ Mounts: Many of us says that the Goblin Wolfes are a real pain because they are more faster than our troops, so the develop team must think of a counterpart of the playable races for example an Atttack Dog or the use of mounts like Horses, Camels, Rams (for the Dwarfs), ecc.
-Factions at War. as Stoneheart update, new faces and new foes showes up, expanding the list of the dangers and the factions around us; here is a list of the factions that appear on Stoneheart, the ones who still are under develop and some of my ideas and possibilities (old fantasy style)
-Humans (The Ascendacy, The Northmen’s Alliance, Rayya’s Children and The Eastern Republic)
Divided by themselfes, the Humans unite when their domain is in danger. The Rebublic is inspired from the cultures of the Tsarist Empire and the Chinese Empire.
Fierce warriors and mining experts, the Dwarfs are surely a real thorn in the side for the Greenskins.
-Rabbit Clan
Once a peaceful empire and now a surviving race, the Rabbits can be a good ally.
-Rebel Goblins or Forest Elves
Goblins who disagree the Warchief’s plans or an another famous fantasy race to enter on the action.
-Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Kobolds and Ogres (shortly, the Greenskins)
Ruled by the Warchief Ogo, now the Goblins are not alone on this fight.
-Phoenix Empire (Necromancers and Undead)
When you encounter an Undead Base, you can see some of the buildings ''built by the Phoenix Empire; guess that is an old human empire now completely destroyed.
-Rat Men Clans
Fierce enemies of the Rabbit Clan, the Rats are responsible for the destruction of most of the old empire of the Rabbits and their civilization.
-The Corrupt
Corrupted Goblins, Elves, Humans and every known creature of the world united by a single common thing: to bring chaos.


Your greenskin related questions may have answers in the games assets (you can unzip the .smod files). I’ve been wondering if there’s a spoiler thread where we can discuss this stuff, because it seems like they want the mysteries (like the identity of the one-who-watches) under wraps until they implement the rest of the encounters.

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Perhaps but there is always a chance…we can talk about it…and not just that, I have created few posts on this forums about new units and ideas…feel free to watch them and judge:)