Facebook page hasnt been updated

i just noticed that the facebook page hasnt been updated since alpha 10 was updated with bug fixes, i just thought i would toss it out there encase the team had just forgot about it :wink:



Good catch.


i guess i will just page @brad @sdee to see what they have to say about this…

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I’ve recently noticed that the Stonehearth Facebook page hasn’t been active for nearly 5 months, and was wondering if anyone knows if there are plans to use it in the future?

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I didn’t even know Stonehearth had a facebook page lol. Live’n’learn :slight_smile:

hey there @Acrylic, i just merged your topic with this one as they’re about the same thing…

edit: i also just realized this thread was made by me…

@8BitCrab, the Stonehearth MySpace account is still going strong. There is Desktop Thursdays on there.


@Zilla Who even uses myspace anymore? I would have thought that social media site died long ago.


MySpace will always be the king of social media

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People still use MySpace? Whaaaattttt


Just came by to see if there’s any official response on the Facebook blog. It hasn’t been updated since Alpha 10.

For my part, I would prefer my news on FB, but if it isn’t going to be maintained it would be a good idea to take it down. It appears as if the game has been discontinued.

Thanks for this.
Yes, we will update this. Since Alpha 14 is just around the corner, I guess the time is right for a freshening-up.

That said, Facebook really isn’t all that critical of a channel for us (this site, Steam, and Twitch are far more impactful), but you’re right that the FB page should be relatively current so as not to give the wrong impression.

Expect an update very soon.


ok I was wondering if it was just me not seeing the updates or something :stuck_out_tongue:

The Facebook Pages are down also? Personally it would be nice to receive all the news also on Facebook without searching them every time on the Websites or Youtube ecc.

Only a question :smiley: