Extracting stonehearth.zip crc error

Hey is anyone else getting this?

I used to be able to extract stonehearth.zip with no problems, but today when i tried it i got a crc error: error

I tried it winrar but it gave the same result, except it says its corrupted.

Is this something to be worried about when re-zipping the file (since you are essentially packing corrupted stuff) or do i need to use a different program than winrar / 7zip?

havent had this one yet but it could actually be a currepted file, try re verrifying cash.

then again, when would you ever re-zip the original stonehearth.smod (a.k.a stonehearth.zip)

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Like @Wouter_Sikkema said, try verifying the integrity of the game files on Steam (you can delete the stonehearth.smod and let Steam download it again).

I was able to unzip it with 7-zip without problems :thinking:

If you keep the stonehearth.zip file around after uncompressing it (since the game will read the plain folder), you won’t need to zip it again, just delete the plain folder and rename the zip to smod.