Excess Wood from Ladders

Excess Wood from Ladders

The recycling of ladders is leading to the creation of excess wood.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Build ladders on cliffs until starting wood is exhausted
  3. Tear down ladders
  4. Create a stockpile and wait for Hearthlings to move wood recycled from ladders to stockpile

Expected Results:
2 Wood in Inventory

Actual Results:
Some number of Wood equal to the torn down ladders.

Wood is generated even if stockpile is built at start.

The wood at the start of the game seems to sustain multiple ladders. In the process of tearing down a ladder, a piece of wood is produced, and if that piece of wood never touches the stockpile, it will be used to build only one ladder of the same height, but multiple ladders of smaller heights. Those smaller ladders, when torn down, result in whole pieces of wood.

There is some disconnect between the pieces of wood in the stockpile and the pieces of wood recycled from ladders that’s hauled to other ladders-in-waiting by Hearthlings.

Also: Please add a hotkey for “Remove Ladder” when ladders are selected.


Version Number and Mods in use:
0.13.0 (release 491) x64 build

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@haly Nice bug catch!

i’m not certain this is actually a bug, as there are multiple “units” of wood inside one log, and each ladder only requires a certain amount of units, not an entire log.

but i could be wrong, @sdee @yshan is what i said true?

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I see, that makes sense. I suspected something like “fractioned wood” was involved.

I hope this is changed at some point so that it’s reflected in the UI, or Hearthlings learn to “combine” fraction wood.

Agree, not only logs, but mainly gold coins, those waste so many space with many bags with low values…

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@sdee did acknowledge the issue with gold in another thread…I think it was related to the Goblin campaign…

Nope, not goblins…


This is part of the reason I feel we need a more transparent resource system–I have no idea how many fractions exist inside one “unit” of wood, yet the crafting system calls for whole-number units and somehow accepts them regardless of the actual fractions. If it could just say “100 wood resource” and each ladder is worth 10 and a block in a structure worth 20, then it’d be a lot simpler to keep track of in real time and see how fast you’re actually going through your resources.