Evolve Forums Are Now Live!

I thought that it was noteworthy that the forums for Turtle Rock’s upcoming game “Evolve” are now up for two reasons:

  1. The game looks pretty freaking amazing.
  2. They are using Discourse as their platform.

So enjoy, everybody, and I hope to see you there!

I looked at the game and read about it. It is awesome.

I also joined the forums.

Also, why can’t our forums look like that. Their Discourse has a nice background and menu at the top.

Well, that probably has something to do with the fact that they are a well-established and (presumably) treasury-filled studio, whereas Radiant is a “garage” studio at the moment?

Anyway, I made sure to give a little love to Stonehearth over there.

thanks, will have to take a look! :+1:

woohoo! another Discourse adopter! and yes, the forum looks very pretty (as does the Kingdom Come forum), but again, it takes me a decent amount of time to load those two sites… yes, im sure once things are all cached, my performance will improve… but…

still, kudos Team Discourse! :smile:

Well, I do like the forum, but I prefer to stay here and troll, spam and destroy post and help people on the SH Discourse instead.

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I wonder if there will be separate hunter/monster ques to load up when joining multi-player matches, or if it’ll be a random person from a selection of five. I really hope they are separate ques.

Also want to see a stealth monster, I think that that’d be awesome.

This I’m afraid, who knows, maybe we’ll have a beautiful Stonehearth theme at some point.

It’s great to see other games adopt Discourse, it’s possibly one of my favourite things on the internet, and their are a lot of things on the internet …


Pretty cool! So, pretty much L4D, except with fire breathing beasts and sci-fi weapons? Cool! :smile:

At first I thought it was Evolve like the program for streaming, recording, and tracking gameplay. Also, the links from the discourse don’t work. :frowning: