EverQuest Next: Landmark

The new Everquest game EverQuest Next is made with voxels and they have removed the square shapis to the environments and objects.

Are any of you guys in the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha? If yes, how is it so far?

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The Alpha is just like in Stonehearth… an Alpha. The core features are working, but there is still a lot to do. The servers are quite full (long queues) and there is no room for new players to claim a piece of land. However, the first impression is nice (from my point of view). It is really cool to form the land by gathering resources. Curious how this continues and liks to EQ Next.

I don’t really like paying for Alphas (other than SH) because they are very early in development and any progress you make, can be erased. I like the fact that it will be free to play. I just hope my computer can run it.

I think this system of royalties. Would work great in SH and make the game extremal popular.

In a nutshell, Landmark allows players to claim a plot of land and construct whatever s/he wants (with the exception of inappropriate things). Recipes and materials to build are found throughout the world. Those creations can then be sold on Player Studio, and players even get royalties if their item is used as a component of another product for sale. - massively.joystiq.com

This is a great idea. What do you guys think?

Doesn’t Steam Workshop work the same way?

Yes, with Dota 2 and TF2. You can make and sell items. They send you a check every 3 months or so. Some people have made about 6 figures or more a year from it.

Force is streaming the Alpha right now. And building items in the game is insanely easy. Twitch

Now this is how you making building in a game easy. I’m sure once SH is out of beta. Some could make a Mod or this could be added after the game comes out.

This is now out on Steam Early Access for $20. Is anyone considering this at the moment? I have mixed feelings about paying for it (I was originally anti-Landmark and anti-EQN).

  1. Is it fun?
  2. Are we all on the same MMO together? Would anyone want to team up if we got a group going?

Im selling landmark fot steam, so ask me for a good price^^

i’m playing it atm having fun already built my small house now working on my workshop

it’s a good game but my problem with it is… it’s just a very Heavy game it needs a good PC to be able to run it smoothly but it can run on a dual core

I have to upgrade my PC just to play the game.

I’m not sure how i feel about paying for alpha for a game that is to be Free-to-Play

You could feel like “The only one” XD. Usually, always give some rewards for each who paid for alpha/beta of F2P

It gives some exclusive outfits and flags, a couple of pieces of exclusive gear starting gear that will either be matchable in-game or seem like they’ll be matchable with premium gear at worst. The highest one includes a 48hr head start for open beta where it’s only open to people who have it. It doesn’t make mention of a wipe between full and open beta or getting a head start for full.

Overall the main bonus by far is the access to closed beta. The middle tier is fairly weak cost wise but the top tier catches up a bit with the head start and what seems to be access to a super large inventory from the start.