[Dev Blog] Post Alpha 5 Features!



As i asked on the youtube video are the measurements in metres or yards etc.)

14:00 minutes of post A5 features! :+1:

i’m gonna need a refill on my green tea… :tea:

gets comfy

edit: i hope you dont mind @Relyss, but i tweaked the title a tad… :blush:


Yeah, I completely forgot what was the standard for these topics @_@
just thought about posting quickly.

Pretty cool new features! Can’t wait till the next release! :blush:

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Honestly I can say I’m ruined for other games. I’ve been part of many early access (via steam or the developers site), and a number of kickstarters.Over this time I’ve become very bitter to the development process, too many devs abandoning games, rushing games, community silence, etc… I know I have said this before, but Radiant has made me a long term customer. Their work ethic, quality, and their interacting with the community has set a far greater standard than any other game team I’ve worked with. I can compliment a few, but this team has by far achieved the most and has been the most consistent.

I don’t often fall prey to blatant fanboyism but I think stonehearth is my exception.


Wow, another amazing desktop tuesday. Really informative and transparent. Well done, Team Radiant! I’m more than stoked to see these features implemented.


easy now… you’re treading into my territory… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so far, i’m overjoyed with:

  • measurement tools :arrow_right: OMG! :blush:

  • plans for “blueprints”

  • promotion UI, which deserves a screencap, as its just all sorts of awesome:

  • un.de.ploy!

  • mining, roads and trading… oh my! :wink:

  • fan shoutouts! :+1:

and yes, i realize this is essentially a list of everything @Tom discussed… so be it… :smile:


You forgot unit experience as well, just saying :smile:.

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I challenge you to a duel!

In more detail…

  1. The floor & zone tools have measurements included by default - you can now see exactly how big a zone/building floor is.
  2. A brand new promotion UI, which shows you what each class can lead to.
  3. You can return placed objects to stockpiles.
  4. You (may) be able to change unit professions in the new profession UI - note the “Change Job” button instead of “Promote” or whatever… nothing was said, but maybe @Tom will confirm or deny :slight_smile: .

Stuff that wasn’t shown, but talked about:

  1. Buildings etc will (ie not shown, but talked about) show the cost of building them.
  2. You will be able to save particular building layouts and re-use them.
  3. More general building UI improvements incoming.
  4. Roads incoming - units will move faster on them.
  5. Mining incoming eventually (at least a month). It’ll be the terrain deformation kind of mining - ie digging out caverns, pits, and so on.
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aye… thanks! :wink:

name the time and place… @Geoffers747 will referee…

ok, now you’re just showboating… :smile:


I see modded blue floor for when mining comes… xDDD
Definitely. To make ponds even if they’d look like plastic.

BTW, loving that promotion UI :heart:

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Wow, I just stealth-announced 16 new citizen jobs and there’s no theory-crafting on what they might be? For shame!


I took one look at that UI and thought “they must be planning on adding more, surely!” actually :blush: …

Well anyway, let’s see…

  1. Trapper we know has the beast master & shepherd branches.
  2. The blank spot by the footman could either be archer (similar jobs are clustered together a bit) or geomancer (nothing obviously magic-related so far).
  3. Blacksmith levels up into magma smith. Also space for jeweller there, and… hmm. Probably a superior form of blacksmith.
  4. Farmer upgrades to forester/herbalist/something like that.

That’ll do for now :slight_smile: .

Archer after Footman.
Geomancer next to the footman.
Cook after Farmer.
Shepard and Tracker as mentioned already, followed by Beastmaster and maybe Ranger.
Not sure what follows miner.
Blacksmith goes into jeweler as mentioned above, Magmasmith, and Engineer.
Not sure what follows Mason or Craftsman unless Engineer follows craftsman and that leaves an unknown after smith.

I think that sums it up.

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what is the current alpha 5 build like 142? I am unsure.

144 I think?


Thank you sorry if it was a stupid to ask btw!

Don’t worry.

Mm let’s see… searching through old screenshots and kickstarter…

->Farmer->Herbalist (or Cook, probably >_>)
->Trapper->Shepherd->Ranger / ->Hunter->BeastMaster
->Archer?That looks almost hunter…No, this could be mage, though it has been said magic was going to be rare
->Carpenter->Woodsman (does that even make sense?)
->Blacksmith->Engineer/Magmasmith/ idk jeweler?
->Mason->I run out of ideas…


Well, here are part of them. :wink:
The promotion UI looks lovely. But how moddable is it? There seems not much room for extra promotions from the worker…
And compatability with other profession mods. How does that work?