Eternal Crusade Founders Program (W40K MMO)

So with the soon to be available Founders program, I’m wondering how many of you guys are actually interested in the game currently.

I’m currently just looking forwards to seeing how they’re going to make the different factions (Orks, Eldar, Space marines and Chaos Space Marines) feel unique, though i still have that suspicion that the last two are going to be really similar with items, just different textures. It would also be cool to see how they get their planned Tyranid Npc swarms to work.

Currently the plan (from what i’ve read, and understand currently) is that the Tyranids are somehow prevalent on the planet, and will be the enemies in many a dungeon, with artifact rewards at the end of the “dungeon”/Spawning pool. Aside from that, they will also be the balance in the game, to keep the more overpowered factions from overpowering the entire map. For instance, a Space Marine zerg might have to redeploy to keep the Tyranids from destroying their territories, allowing the other factions to recuperate for a minute, and take back some of their territories.

So far as i know, they will also be featuring most of the vehicles that Warhammer 40k contains, with “screenshots” (might’ve been concept arts) of Razorback transports. Unconfirmed if they will be allowing Astartes Dreadoughts, however it is assumed that they probably will.

From what I can tell, the chances for the factions to actually feel different is there, with Eldar players most likely acting like the Eldar do in Warhammer, making fifth faction alliances, and directing the other factions in brutal wars with eachother. It has also been said by the devs that “In Tabletop, it takes a much larger amount of Orks to kill a Space Marine, and to simulate that, Free to players will be forced to be part of the Ork Faction” , Or in other words, the Orks will be very horde like, but fairly weak in terms of single groups, with Space Marines and Chaos most likely being perfect counters to eachother.

Also, according to Dev emails, “Clans will be based on Strike Cruisers, with their own deck to customize and an armory to try out new weapons and such in” (not exact wording, but that’s the gist of it)

So with that quick list of things I know so far, how many people are willing to look into it, and in the case that any new info is released on sites i don’t know about, Or just want to theory craft on how you think it’ll boil down in the long run, feel free to post your opinions down below. I’m interested in seeing what others think about the current info given out by the Devs.

Btw, I totally didn’t copy paste this from my post on my clans forum.

I’m also interested by this game, I always love the w40k universe and I really loved to play Dawn of War and the game Space Marine.

And I think for the combat they used some gameplay components from the game Space Marine I hope we will have a deeper combat system. I hope too that I could play a Ork hero and don’t have to be a little boyz, I don’t want to wait ten other orks to kill a space marine^^

I can’t wait for this night to see what they prepare and what kind of modules we can access in the future. And I hope they will do a big difference between the space marine and chaos space marine because if you’ve already seen some figurines they doesn’t look the same and they are really different.

Im interested in the game

They announced some classes for the 4 factions, you can see them below.

Space Marine :
Tactical Marine, Devastator, Assault Marine, Apothecary.

Orks :
Shoota, ‘Eavy/Loota, Stormboy, Painboy.

Chaos Space Marines :
Chaos Space Marine, Havoc, Raptor, Aspiring Sorcerer.

Eldar :
Dire Avenger, Fire Dragon, Dark Reaper, Swooping Hawk, Howling Banshee, Striking Scorpion Warlock.

They also specify that they will have heroes and elite classes. We will have a system to customize our class.