Errors on game start


Since yesterday i have not been able to play stonehearth because when i start the game i get loads of errors.
This is what i get to see.

After the screen is done with getting all the errors, the game is extremely slow and crashes after about 30seconds.

Dont know what more to explain, if you need any info let me know.

@Thakil - Welcome to the forum! We had this error in Alpha 10, but I haven’t seen it in Alpha 11 yet. Can you confirm what version of Stonehearth you’re playing? If you’re not sure, you can find the build number in the bottom left corner of the title screen (or the top left corner when playing).

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hello @Albert,

And thank you :smile:

It says in the bottom left:
Stonhearth 0.10.0 (alpha_10_5 10) x64 Build

seems like i am out of date and thats the problem.
i am running from steam, and normally steam does the updates automatic?
or what can i do to fix this.

Thanks in advance!

@thakil - This page has instructions on how to switch branches:

Just go to the section titled About the “Latest” Branch.

Have fun!