Error in Shed with the Archipelago mod

I think it is @max99x who I should tag, right?

The current Archipelago mod works fine in it.
But since then I made some new changes, which you can see in my github, here: Cocolings added in ambient threats · BrunoSupremo/archipelago_biome@e922a46 · GitHub
The linked commit is what I’m guessing bugged it.

In that, I changed the cocolings to use a lot of the entlings code through mixins, added them to a population file, and I inserted some campaigns to spawn them. There is a lot of adding, removing and changing between stonehearth and the archipelago mods.

It gives an error when I try to open Shed, with an option to continue anyway. With it open, only the net worth visualizer works ok.

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Thanks for reporting! I’ll take a look later today.

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Ok, this should be fixed if you pull the latest Shed. One issue I noticed was that some of your encounter files are lacking a "type" field, which will confuse Shed and sometimes the game, though it shouldn’t cause crashes anymore. BTW, I’ve added some QoL features in the encounter editor in the past few weeks, including live validation, contextual documentation tooltips, autocomplete, mixin preview, etc. As you edit campaigns, please let me know how that is working out for you.


Thanks, it is working fine now. It even has syntax highlight now! Wow, my version was super old I guess.

Not really a problem, and not really related to the Archipelago only, but here it is anyway:

Some items are reported as missing the material tags, even though they have.