Equipment Customarization


I would like to know how things such as being able to edit armour and weapons on soldiers could work of having different types of equipment for different sub-levels of certain jobs ie: You could have one type of miner that tunnels and another that digs deep in search of precious stuff, the first one might need a shovel, some sort of light source and a way to hold up the tunnel while the deep miner would need a Pickaxe, rope a sack for his things that he’s mined.

Do you see my point, different classes sometimes have sub-levels so this micro-management could become nescasary in the future, however, I know no lua whatsoever and have no idea how tricky it would be to implement this into the game. Also, I think it would be very useful to customarize your units to the fighting style you prefer.

Please tell me your thoughts on this…


The game is made in Lua, sir… :smile:


I think that says it all… :stuck_out_tongue:


beyond the knowledge that equipping a unit with a certain thing (weapon, tool) will turn the unit into that particular class type, there isn’t much else we’ve heard…

we do know units will have an inventory/backpack though (as seen in one of the very first blog entries)…

unfortunately, the images seems to have gotten b0rked (they refer to the rad-ent URL)…


I like the way Radiant sees classes, i.e. to consolidate similar tasks in one class. We will not see too many settlers in the game, so I think this is the best approach to not have them spread over too many classes.

On the other point (if I get it right)… customization of items and professions should be rather easy. You can already play around with items and this does not involve any (in depth) lua related actions.