Epicbuzz isn't a game but yeah there is Gamification

Hey Guys, Sorry I’m not sure what’s appropriate category for this topic so posting under Meta.

I’ve working on http://www.epicbuzz.net from last one and half year. EpicBuzz is all about social entertainment network, you can track your favorite games, join their fan pages, see cheats code, reviews, game plays, mark game as played or want to play. See what your friends are playing. And much more.

Only games aren’t entertaining, movies, tv shows and animes are as well. So EpicBuzz has to cover them as well. Its still work in progress, lot of good things are going one. Multi theme, responsive and slick design, lot of interaction.

Give EpicBuzz a try, looking for feedback :slight_smile:

Can’t post some screenshots of new version :frowning: noob on this forum. But you can see some upcoming designs here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23183675/Epic-Buzz-Redesign