Entlings to the rescue

To give the entlings more character and purpose they could try to rescue saplings that they come across in your storage. Pick them up, run out of town and plant them. The once that don’t have a sapling to carry might choose to serve as escort.

If they find to many saplings for them to carry they could choose to plant them close to where they found them and hold their ground to protect them.

Don’t know if it rimes with the lore but it could turn out interesting if they plant the saplings to grow more entlings and stay with them until they are ready to fight for them selves.


Like the idea :wink:

It could be expanded, so that you could also make stonegolems through a template and then have a class (Look… Magic :smiley:) to make them come alive.

I that way you could then make stonegolems and entlings that could protect your village and your hearthlings.
(Maybe controllable… maybe not…)

Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaking the geomanser will be able to make golems. Don’t know what kind of golem though. The engineer might be able to build some kind of robot as well, but I’m very unsure about that one.

So funny it may actually work!


That’s what we hope for :smile:
And maybe some more magic :wink:

Also they should come and rescue those poor “garden” gnomes. Either drop them off in the woods or smash them to free their soul.

Don’t know if ents have any special relation to gnomes, but the dwarfs might. Several possible senarios come to mind.

  • “So you like short races ey? Good. You get a discount.”
  • “Oh my god! What have you done to Frank?! You mad man!”
  • “We will have no dealings with anyone who make fun of short races. You lumbering giants! Short races unite!”
  • “Ha! Stupid gnomes. They’re so short! I’ll buy all of them.”

nice side quest. :smile:
question, if they manage to successfully grow the sapling, will it turn to entilings or ents or just oaks?

and would be also nice and hard to have like chopping trees causes random chances of ents/entlings spawning near the tree as it angers nature.

Well ents and gnomes are supposedly both forest spirits going by the statue’s the description.