Entlings Attacking Forest Creatures [a3013]

Entlings chasing down and attacking Forest creatures.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Entlings spawn
  2. Entlings Chase Bunnies
    3)No Rabbit Folk appear to avenge their brethren

Expected Results: Entlings, being forest critters should not be attacking wildlife (I think?)

Actual Results: Entlings chase bunnies, Raccoon seems to be running away in fear as well



Version Number and Mods in use: a3013 No mods

System Information:

Have the same ocurrence with the tiny stonegolems(don’t remember their name but I mean those in size of the entlings). Maybe the demeanour of hostile mobs against neutrals was changed?

are you sure that they are not your pets? because in the first pic i have seen logs and the pets follow your hearthlings ^^

Regardless those entlings and stone golem things are acting like little critter pesticide. Reminds me of Fern Gully for some reason… Wasn’t sure if was bug or not, and do not know if they did before since most places I have setup had little forest critters to begin with… That’s playing in a desert all that time and moving to the forest.

So I only noticed this happening in this version due to being on the forest map in this version.

No, the *lings’ hate for critters isn’t limited to pets. Could see the slaughter on day two of my new game before I even had a trapper.

It makes sense for goblins and wolves to hunt critters for food, but I don`t think entlings should attack them.

Nope, my Trapper’s pet is a Black Squirrel.

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Haha, silly entlings. Yes, the hostile mobs shouldn’t be attacking neutral critters.Looks like relations check wasn’t working properly for the critters. A fix will be in the next build.


Noooo! Don’t take the best defence of my town. Those cuties always assured that I had enough time to destroy the ladder to my town.
Jokes aside, good to know that I won’t have fun forever with watching mobs hunt innocent creatures instead of chasing my hearthlings.