[1687] "Friendly" enemies - bring "gift" into town center, and no combat initiated

After fighting waves of enemies, the next lot came but brought in a “carpenter’s saw” and placed it in my town center next to the firepit. Then they hovered around looking at my villagers but did not attempt to attack them. My villagers cowered, but my footmen continued to patrol peacefully.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected results:
(1) Enemies are known to move items (goblins steal goods) but always “away” from town, not “towards”.
(2) Enemies and footmen initiate attacks on each other.

Actual Results
(1) Enemies bring item “to” town center
(2) Enemies and footmen not attacking each other

I had a build up of enemies and one large wave attacked me, and my villagers destroyed them. Prior to this they have been “stealing” the logs I littered around my town. It would seem to be some kind of similar behavior (item moving") but somehow “reversed” path. However it is uncertain why they do not fight the villagers. On top of that, I can force my villagers to engage them in combat and they fought back.


Minimally tested version, latest (I think this is 1687, correct me if I am wrong).

Froggy’s “Why so blue” mod