[NaB] Carpenter attacking intruders with saw

I don’t know if this is a bug or an intentional thing, but my carpenter started attacking Gobbos as they stole some juniper logs from me.

Since I don’t have a screenshot (was playing on x2 speed, and I didn’t notice the carpenter getting in on the action until the very end), I’ll recount the experience as best I can.

A pair of goblins rolled into my camp and stole some logs. I had a footman armed with the wooden sword, who took off after them and cornered them alongside a rocky cliff face. I zoomed in to watch the duel, since I enjoy watching a good sword fight. While my footman was duking it out with one of the armed goblins, my carpenter comes sprinting in from the direction of town and started hitting the goblin with his trusty saw, killing it in 1-2 strikes (though my guess is that this is because said hapless gobbo was probably already almost done).

Personally, I think this is actually pretty cool that he was willing to protect his fellow villagers, even if he wasn’t a footman! :slight_smile: But I thought I’d let y’all know.


I think this is intended. Sometimes citizens that are around a fight may come in and assist.

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I can imagine:

Worker:Carpenter!The wood’s been snatched by goblins!

Carpenter:Approaches Menacingly

Heeere’s Johnny!


as do I, but I would like to hear from Radiant on this one…

if its not intentional, it should be! strength in numbers!! :smile:


Why not just hire a lot of Carpenters? The Goblins are screwed . . .

I noticed the same thing, but not only with the carpenter. I also had the farmer attack with an hoe and the workers attack with hammers. But they only helped attacking after I made my frst footman. If there was no footman they didn’t fight at all and I lost my stuff to the goblins.


Well here is your screenshot :smile:

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well I’d say that’s an excellent data point… thanks! :+1:

Yes, non-combat units fighting with hoes, saws, hammers, and picks is intended. Currently, they will come to the defense of an ally that has been hit by an enemy, and they will panic and flee when they are hit themselves. In a future alpha, we will enable worker combat by having a “town bell” that you can ring which will tell workers to drop their tasks and come to the defense of the village.


brilliant! this has been discussed/requested previously, and is always a fun mechanic to use… :+1:

i’m assuming this will still be the case, even with those future summoned workers? Mer is brave, but he’s more a lover than a fighter…

Yep, workers will continue to have a low panic threshold. Mer is perfectly willing to aid in your defense, but don’t expect him to tank for you!