Engine Error keeps repeating

This one Error keeps popping up over 3k times and wont go away

hey there @Kaptainkube welcome to the discourse :smile:

this sounds like a loop to me, even if you click “close permanently” it will continue to occur, until it most likely crashes the game or your computer, the only way to stop it would be to close out of the game. :confused:

I had that happen to me before. Do you have the save file, and/or the logs that you can post here?

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If you see that it’s popping up over 1000 times and keeps growing, try to copy it (if it has the “Copy to Clipboard” button) and then close the game, because it won’t stop.

Once you copied the error, or made a screenshot of it, paste it here so we can take a look.

Also, what was happening in-game when the error appeared?
Was it after loading a savefile, or simply while playing?