Enemies spawning distance, frequency and patrolling

So im now into the month of Growmun… The 4th I think? And by now the invasions and spawns get rather annyoing than entertaining.The daily raid is quite cool I think, and the orc campaign was rather awesome with first small goblin parties, than an enemy camp, some camps with tamed wolves you have to free etc. But now I’ve defeated all the gong armies since two (ingame) months or so and it’s just invasions, even the camps have nearly stopped spawning. It’ just invasions, and too much of them if you ask me. I had two invasions in the screenshot where the green arrow is pointing a the bunch of hobos running round each other, the second green spawn indicated where the third invasion will spawn in like 20-30 seconds. The red one indicates where similarly a bunch of small varanuses around the red mother varanus will appear. It’s a loaded game before previously at both spawning points there were collecting workers and craftmans runnuing around and I didn’t find it so funny to loose a dozen hearthlings with most of my max level craftmans. I use to let my workers roam free once the invasions are bound by knights so continue their work and didnt expect the spawning to get so overkill.
I’ve read about people dealing with this and I think in the screenshot it is oberserveable where I will build walls for my town, but still, I would like to suggest that mobs always spawn a certain distance from hearthlings. All the more since my hearthlings have the tendency to first run towards the enemies and then after 2-3 seconds to the safety points, ensuring death whenever a worker is next to spawning enemies.

On top of that my military always patrols inside the fence of farm/pasture, never outside, maybe the patrolling between buildings should be even and not just in a walled off area of fences?

But still, eager for future contents, bought the game few days ago and right now love it apart from a few mars I just wrote about!

Hey there @MagnusderRote, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

This is an interesting idea. Right now buildings and stockpiles affect where enemies spawn. While I can understand your frustration about crafters dying due to spawning enemies, I (personally) feel like that is just part of the game - you need to protect your Hearthlings if they venture outside of your city.

Check out the details of enemy placement in this Deskop Tuesday from a few months back: DT: Enemy Placement – Stonehearth.

I do agree patrolling needs work. Right now they patrol farms and stockpiles, and that’s it. You may be interested in @Wiese2007 Patrol Points mod, which expands the patroled items substantially.

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