Endless Wood Being Farmed Inside Building

Title: Endless Wood Being Farmed Inside Building

Summary: I created a building with a slab. I built it incorrectly and had to remove the slab after the building was done being built. As soon as I removed the slab, I now have my hearthlings going into the very same building and farming wood nonstop. They’ve been removing wood nonstop for the past 5 minutes and I don’t see an end in sight. The building is still intact too.

Steps to reproduce: unsure

  1. I built a building with a slab.
  2. Slab was too high, so I removed it.
  3. Instantly had wood being farmed.

Expected Results: Not to have endless wood (heh)

Actual Results: Endless wood (heh)



Versions and Mods: None

System Information:
i7 @ 2.67ghz
16gb RAM
64-bit Win7 OS
geforce gtx760

In earlier versions, I’ve removed a floor, it disappeared instantly, and then they removed the wood from it, but that didn’t last forever. It may still be related though.