End game multiple bugs


trying to end the game despite many bugs but i just can’t …
Since I don’t know if i should flood the forum with multiples bug reports or dump everything in one place…
Sorry for wall of text below

Can’t send you my saved game or screenshots, new users can’t upload … \o/


1 - Gong of sinister beckoning


I received the gong of sinister beckoning. I get it, it’s an aweful item but … no hearthling want to place it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place gong of sinister beckoning
  2. Don’t hold breath in expectation

Expected Results:

Gong of sinister beckoning placed

Actual Results:

Gong of sinister beckoning not placed


Gong of sinister beckoning is disappearing from inventory when placement is called, as intended. Comes back in inventory when placement is cancelled

Version Number and Mods in use:

Latest version
Rayya + Northern
Super mod 6 (activated)
Lorkis biome

2 - Still no geomancer


Got 2 new rabbit friends, but no magic stick

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for magic rabbit stick

Expected Results:

Magic rabbit stick ?

Actual Results:

No magic rabbit stick

Gong of sinister beckoning not placed


Got 2-3x times the “chase scene”. Cleaned the map of all meanies. Could kill elite, master and general koblod after that so plenty of time spent already…

3 - Finding no food


Day 3 : there were no food available. Had a message from one hearthling saying they can’t find any food
Day 4 and more : plenty of food but still hearthling says they find no food (but they do eat !)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for message (1-3 days)

Expected Results:

Hearthling eats, is happy, is silent.

Actual Results:

Hearthling eats, is happy, tell lies. c(><'c)


Not every hearthling is complaining … usually 1 or 2

Every other little or big bugs/features like

  • Goblins see 1 fox lily I bought, day 1 of encounter with them : “ok gimme 10 of those” so instant war with them is unavoidable
  • Had to ib in the console like … a LOT
  • Almost no new seed ? I only got turnips for a 1 year gameplay
  • Many assertion failed crash towards the end.
  • Journal flooded with not eating or eating the same thing everyday with 6-7 types of cooked meal

Right now the only thing i can do is create my 3 men - 10 items team to start anew.

The game is so much fun that I can forget the small details but i’m denied end game content there.

Hey @Argryn, I gave you permissions so you should be able to upload savefiles and crash.dmp / stonehearth.log now.

Do you have screenshots or something to know which message they had?

Why? Were there errors? Were you missing materials or furniture?

You can ignore those, they have no gameplay effect.

Hi @Relyss ,

Thanks for the fast reply

Please find attached

  • my saved game.
  • some screenshots of a lying hearthling
  • crash.dmp
  • stonehearth.log

I did not take screenshots of said error, nor recall the message. In my attemps to correct the bunny story I reloaded a previous save and it “tends” to happen a lot less. I’ll try to screenshot the next occurences.

  • No errors, but items being build and not brought to the house in order to finish it, mainly doors and windows. I first thought that was because they were top notch quality (blue or purple). I had to sometimes craft twice the required items.
  • The Tier 2 template for the huge dining hall did not trigger an error but I got a message that my hearthlings couldn’t figure how to build it.

All in all this is not a critical issue for me, since ib is available.

Story progression being locked because of (a) scenario issues or (b) can’t place 1 item, are much more a deal breaker for me.

More seriously, noted, thanks ! I could have the Hearth of Cheer nontheless so that was not so much of an issue.

crash.dmp (162.1 KB)
stonehearth.log (23.5 KB)

1545057731724.rar (7.5 MB)

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Ok. First of all, they aren’t placing the gong because they can’t reach it. It’s on top of the roof that covers the hearth area. Make a ladder so that they can pick it up.

The fact that they couldn’t reach some doors and windows is because they got trapped inside small holes that are in the northern houses roofs. Those are really tricky, sadly. But if you just crafted more, they would have been able to finish them. If the blueprint had high quality items then yes, they’ll need the specific quality in order to place them. But the vanilla templates have standard quality items. Also, if the blueprint has standard quality items, they’ll use any quality for them, as long as it’s available (but prioritizing high quality item ghosts first).

The goblins ask for anything that you have in your storages, if you had placed the fox lily they wouldn’t have asked for it.

The foreign seed traveler needs a level 6 farmer (might be lower for northern alliance) in order to appear, but it will still compete with other traders / shops, it must have been bad luck.

And about the errors when crashing, check if the message they have is this one next time it happens:

then try the workaround suggested by Max and see if it happens again (that way we’ll know if there’s a difference before/after the workaround):

Hi again,

Thanks for the multiple explanations !

  • It never occurred to me that the gong would be on top of the roof. When you get it, the message says it will be near your banner and every items I bought (sometimes 30-40 of them) were neatly placed around the banner.

  • If I understand well what you’re saying about doors and windows : they’re trapped inside the construction ? I recall hearthlings dropping everything (food, wood etc) everywhere on the construction site, but would not have thought about this one.

  • On the goblin needs … one way around is for me to delay any buying/crafting anything that i can’t place nor equip until the 2 (if I remember well) occurrences of goblin demands.
    That will be a hard task for Northern Alliance on consumables during winter, given the time needed to grow plants. We’ll see if I get lucky next time.

  • On the crashing errors, I just checked everything again + read more post about it, and saw that my graphic drivers were not up to date.
    The auto saves are fast enough and the crash does not occur every 2 mins so I can live with that.

  • Last point, do I have a way to get back into the bunny adventure (naturally or with console commands) ? or is this save game done for ?

Thanks again for all those precious explanations !

Oh and should I add a [resolved] thing on this thread?