"enable_debug_keys" : true, mod

ok so i want to add
this is the user_settings.json
“enable_debug_keys” : true,

to the user_settings.json
so is this how i would do it?

this is the manifest
“info” : {
“name” : “enable_debug_keys”,
“namespace” : “enable_debug_keys”,
“version” : 3,
“steam_file_id” : “1362647660”
“aliases” : {},
“mixintos” : {“stonehearth”:“file(user_settings.json)”},
“overrides” : {},
“components” : {},
“controllers” : {}
this is the mod
1362647660.zip (659 Bytes)

You can’t access the user_settings.json through the manifest of a mod. Not with json alone.

i don’t understand
its not alone

First, what that “stonehearth” alias is pointing to?
The user_settings that the game uses is not a mod file.
You can take a look here to learn the basics: Stonehearth's Modding Guide

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oh. i feel silly now.

How did I miss this guide? How long was this around for? My goodness, what a fantastic resource.

It got released this week with the workshop. We found it through the tutorial mod in there.

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Okay, I’m glad to know I don’t live under too huge of a rock. Thank you for letting me know.

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