User Settings prevents me from launching the game

For some Reason, Everytime I try to launch the game now I get this

“Invalid JSON character detected (lo)”
I don’t have any mods on, can anyone help?

Just delete the user_settings.json and at the next start it’ll rebuild if there’s a problem there.

I did but now it says that same file doesn’t exist.

Do you have it on steam? If so right click stonehearth, properties, and I think it was under local files: verify integrity of cash

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Did you delete the user_settings.json file or a different file? The game should recreate it once you restart it, not complain that it can’t find it. :thinking:

Could you verify the integrity of the cache, like @Wouter_Sikkema suggests? Or are you playing with the Humble Bundle version?

@Relyss since my own stonehearth refueses to do ANYTHING at the moment: i noticed verrifying integrity of cash does not restore a user_settings.json
only after trying to start the gama does it make one again.
hoe should a fully intact one look?

It can be as short as only having the user_id, I think… But again, it’s better to let the game create it. :confused:

Also, if you tried reinstalling, did you manually delete the Stonehearth folder? I wonder if it’s something related to Steam :thinking: