Easy Mode [Mod]

Please feel welcome to download my stonehearth mod, Easy Mode.
This mod removes goblin thieves, removes marauders, lowers enemy health (by 25-50%), and lowers attack values (25-50%).* My Easy Mode mod was made for personal use, so don’t expect that many features.


*This may be subject to change.

could you altar or mabye make a goblin raiding parties mod where it makes it so goblin raiding parties happen more offen. i have noticed that they dont happen very much and i liked to fight them off while they tried to take my stuff. they where the only fun enemys that i liked to fight.

You can try the other easy mod I made, it has a different approach. Instead of removing the raids, it just makes them weaker and less frequent.

Is there a version for a19 as yet?

i got the mod today why does it say invaild manifest?

nvm i fixed the problem

@moderators not only this mod is outdated, but it is also the entire game, not a standalone .smod

Thanks for letting us know. I edited the main post hiding the download, although nowadays it wouldn’t work anyway.
If @Squishalot wants to update the mod, he should indeed do it in a standalone smod.

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I also hid the revision history so the link cannot be accessed there either.