Early days of automation

Imagine our world with the technology that one day got you to the point where you are reading this post on your electronic device.
Now imagine your hearthians doing the same (without those flashy ipads), conveying their hard-mined ores from the depths of their ever expanding mine in the ground, on a pulley system fully powered by water.

Yes, Water.

Once upon a time there was this mod called Better Than Wolves for MineCraft, some of you might know it as the “most incompatible mod of all times” (look it up, if it can still be found). Remember where you had these big water mills powering whatever kind of witchcraft you imagined in this new world? Let’s make this suggestion actually suggestible by combining the power of Discourse (and kittens), to collaborate on this idea.

This idea popped up in my head right after reading something in the comments of the newest devblog about no significant progress being made or whatever. Let’s encourage our lords (and lady) back at the Big Office In The Sky to plan something big in the future, something quite… wet…

-Lets get on with it-

My idea is to have this watermill, turning and turning all the time because of the flow of water being poured upon it from your epic waterfall on top of your mighty hill of mightyness, which in turn moves all these beams and cogs and whatever we come up with together.
This can in turn be used to power this conveyor belt system all the way down your huge mine, carrying those well-earned ores back to the surface, and have them straightly delivered to your Blacksmith, who turns it into great pieces of armor, swords, tools, or whatever else his crafting menu allows him to do.

But why limit this to conveyor belts? Screw conveyor belts!

You could also make a pulley system, dragging them fancy minecarts back to where they came from, transporting either ores, or even your Hearthians!

-To Be Expanded On, Go wild in the comments!-

-When this should be available-
I was thinking about a tier for the Carpenter, like Master of Nails or something, which is able to make more complicated types of, furniture I guess, created from wood, stone nails (iron for more complicated stuff?), and animal pelt-ish things like leather for the actual belt itself.

-Now what do I ask of You?-

There are so many possibilities with something like this, I think that if there is a basic “energy/power-system”, some modders can go crazy and in turn really prolong the game. And when multiplayer comes around, you can make all these complicated contraptions with your friends!

Before the time of Multiplayer Madness, we need a lot more of these ideas going on, so feel free to post all your crazy ideas, and hopefully we’ll get noticed out there, and we could get gates automatically opening just because it looks cool to do it with Water-Power.

Go on, Comment, and make yourself known to this post!



It look like really interresting ! I’ll follow this thread :smiley:

Some of these ideas was taken up here too: :wink:

That would be evil minecraft. Better than wolf broke nearly everything while evil minecraft just broke everything.

Thank you both for replying, and thank you @thorbjorn42gbf for linking that thread.

There is actually a mod out there that basically is exactly what I was thinking about with the water, and even using airflow:

This looks really nice :smiley: