Duplicated foreign crop trades

If you unlocked foreign crops in a playthrough, let’s say Golden Gords for Ascendancy, and then re-embark into Ascendancy, you’ll get the quest for Golden Gords again, and the crop seed crate does nothing significant. I just thought that it is really counter productive, let me know if this is working as intended.

Steps to reproduce:
Disclamer this is gonna take an awful lot of time to reproduce.

  1. Start a playthrough and unlock a crop
  2. Reembark and (hopefully) get the quest for the same crop again

Expected Results:
The trades for crops you already unlocked shouldn’t appear again, at least I think

Actual Results:
It shows up again :forlorn:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Stonehearth release
Smart Crafter
Better Storage
Miner profession
MBS Training
(don’t think the mods are relevant)

System Information:
Windows 10

It is completely random, it can appear even without reembarking, in the same town that you just unlocked. After you got the first one, the repeated crops boxes are only useful as decoration.

I see. thanks for the clarification.