Food crate vendor request

Magic_Kaito’s question about garlic had me wondering, question for you Dani… those occasional wandering traders that sell goods (the military one, the traveling farmer… all of whom I’ve yet to memorize.) Would it be possible to add a wandering trader that sells random crate recipes from every grow type (farm, fruit, orchard, tree… mushroom if it’s added.) for 100gold and up? I ask since it’s not always easy to find something and make a crate for it, and not every random offer is possible, yet… we sometimes do need certain reagents that a faction won’t start with (wheat, rice, -garlic-, etc.)

And yes, thanks Kaito, you inspired me to think on this :wink:

There are traders that will give you seeds for new crops already but they’re special ones that will only appear after you have a farmer (and will ask for farm products of your faction in exchange for a single box of one random crop that your faction doesn’t start with)

It’s not always easy to find something to make a crate for, true - but some of thisi is intentional challenges (like the new tea and coffee shrubs, etc…)
As for garlic, wheat and rice, there’s nothing that you really need it for (as in, nothing that blocks progression) Garlic for example can be used to make Undead Cordial, but you don’t need it, it just helps if you do
Wheat used to be needed for a Northern Alliance quest but it was replaced by barley, which they have now by default!

We have plans of making this first trader I mentioned come more often (when called by the player, similar to the Market Stalls) by using an unique stall that you can get, but that’s not in yet…