[Dup] Strange promotion bug

i have this great little hearthling. she’s brave, and strong and completely stupid. (sorry Orsa Mont, but its true…) i tell her to be a stone mason. BAM!! she’s a stone mason. i tell her to be a farmer. BAM! she’s a farmer. i tell her to be a foot soldier. BAM! nothing happens. i promoted Miss Mont a fair dozen times. nothing.

i gave up and tried promoting anyone else to being a soldier because of Miss Mont’s stubborn streak (perhaps your smarter than i gave you credit for…) and nobody else would promote either.

i saved the game, and reloaded. the problem persisted.

i exited the game to desktop, started the game again, and reloaded the kingdom of ‘Error Bait’. the problem still persisted! damn and blast!

i didn’t give up there, i made a new wooden sword. low and behold, Miss Mont ran up and claimed her weapon as if it was her birthright. damn… funny thing about the sword that would not promote anybody to its profession… i put it in the queue when i didn’t have the carpenters workbench made yet. i wanted it to be the first thing i made.

earlier i also queued up a forge when i didn’t have the items. the forge would not place. perhaps these two are related? maybe its just coincidence.


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