[Dup] Silver bars not counted for goblin demands

A goblin stomped into my village demanding, among other things, 2 silver ingots. Now my inventory at the time held only a single silver ingot, but also a couple silver ore, so this should not have been a problem. I set my blacksmith about smelting an additional ingot to meet their demands, which he completed post haste.

As can be seen from these screenshots, my stockpile clearly contains 2 silver ingots, and my town inventory reflects this.

However, for some reason, the goblins are not interested in the second ingot. These screenshots show the window displayed when clicking on the “Satisfy the Goblins” event in the event list, and also the popup when the goblins return to pick up their silver ingots. As you can see, for some reason it is only counting 1 of 2 for the silver ingots, despite clearly having 2 in my inventory.

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