[Dup]Non-Placed Item

Sometimes an item is not placed for whatever reason, it leaves the preview of the item where it is going to be, you cannot place a new item on top of this preview and there is also noway to remove the item preview

Steps to reproduce:
I don’t know how its done, it just does it randomly

Expected Results:
The item should be placed where the preview is

Actual Results:
The item is not placed and stays in the stockpile, the preview never goes away

Preview = the transparent thing that shows where the item is going to go
Maybe add a feature where you can click on the preview and cancel the placement to sort out this bug?

Don’t have any unless you want me to

Versions and Mods:
Build 92, no mods

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If you could follow the format at this link, it would help the dev team a lot more.


Sorry about that…

I have edited the post to match your format.

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I think youll find you placed an item twice and so when the item is placed the ghost is still there.

Oh this seems to be the problem, this needs to be fixed - its so annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved a post to an existing topic: [BUG] Object placement

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