[Dup] Launch game and nothing happens

Last few weeks I had 334.89 version of the NVidia drivers, but I just upgraded to 335.23 and still have the same issue. I have a GeForce GTX 670 running 1920 x 1080§ (60.000Hz) with 4 gigs of RAM on the card. I doubt if I bought a 780 Ti Classified or something it would matter, although I probably will be in the next few weeks.

Every time it crashes I get a new dmp file, so here is the latest dmp file below… it won’t let me link to DropBox anymore (it used to?) so who / how can I link to my dmp file?

I try running it in steam, out of steam, with admin, without. Still same results, it doesn’t launch at all… just get a new dmp file.

Here is the last communication (below), it wouldn’t let me reply a third time for some reason, cause I guess I am new? But I am not new, I been on here a long time I just don’t write a lot. :smile:

Yer it’s flagging you up as you’re a ‘new’ user according to the Discourse.

I’ll change that as you have been around a while and you’re obviously not a spammer.

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