Dungeon Stuff (Yea I didn't check)

I Didn’t check to see if this was put up already but I may as well take a say in this. And if it IS in there is my own ideas in this.

Dungeons my be Hidden OR Shown by an entrance. and have MANY like MANY types and look (e.g. Shown, with a wood floor and Stone walls) there are some parts in dungeons that are just for Decoration (Pillars, and other things) but there are elements that are AWESOME about dungeons i.e the loot! this can include placable and Item that come in: weapons, food, materials and other things and yes goblins and enemy’s CAN spawn in a 50-50 chance. and if they do they have personal rooms that have, If a Goblin ,the Goblin camp fire that spawns enemy’s. there are allot of them in one dungeon and, yes, they can spawn zombies and skeletons. also in a Goblin dungeon there is between 1-3 “Commanding rooms”, these have 1 boss in each room and hold a large diamond chest that spawn a “Rare” treasure. then there are “Undead” dungeons. These spawn endless waves of undead but they DON’T come out during the day and attack in a wave during night. then there is a rare dungeon called a “treasure hole” these are pasive and spawn no enemy’s and are easy to access but are ALWAYS Hidden. they hold a S*IT ton of treasure of all tiers (Common, Rare, ect.)

Just a quick update;
a new profession for hearthling is the explorer by crafting a torch/flaming stick and promoting a level 3 footman. they keep the sword and hold the torch/flaming stick in the place of the shield. they are FAST but have low defence and tend to run when damaged. they explore… allot, and only explore the terrain levels you have "Unlocked by digging to building a way to them. they don’t explore dungeons and must be instructed to by first clicking on the Explorer and then on a “Dungeon Tile”

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