DT: The Trader Stall



What happens when the trader dies?

Does the abandoned stall become a derelict stall with long respawn cooldown / need for rebuilding?


That’s a great question. I too would love to know.


@yshan it looks like only the ghost for the stone_tunnel_door was added to the en.json :wink: so the recipe is missing - also the wooden_tunnel_door has a link to the 4x4 door and is not correct ^^

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New defense strategy: build a hundred trader stalls

When invaders come summon my trader mob


If you have multiple stalls, do they share one cooldown timer or have separate timers?


hey there @WaltWhiteside, welcome to the dsicourse :smile:

good question! i’ll page @linda so that she can hopefully answer some questions…

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I just tried this. I placed 3 stalls, and was able to hire 3 merchants at the same time.

Edit: Also, removing the stall doesn’t make the trader go away.


Awesome. Next science: figure out how many stalls you need to have an active trader at all times… Though it would probably be easier for a dev (@linda?) to just give us the details on trader and cooldown durations, rather than experimenting.


You can probably just unbuild the same stall and replace it and resummon.


Oh! Here’s another question. If you unbuild the stall after summoning a trader, can you get another trader to appear if you rebuild it again? Can you do it another time too?


The merchant stays for 3 minutes (real time). The cooldown timer that begins after the merchant departs is also 3 minutes. With perfect timing you’ll only need 2 stalls for 100% uptime.

I tested this, and at the time of testing I only had a single stall.

  1. Hired a merchant
  2. Removed stall
  3. Rebuilt stall while merchant was still there

Result: Was unable to hire a new merchant with this method, and the new stall had the shop icon. However, I was unable to open the merchant’s shop neither at the stall, neither directly at the NPC.


Hi all,

Currently, the trader leaves in 5 hours and after that, the cooldown on calling the trader is also 5 hours. Each stall has it’s own cooldowns and shop. If the trader dies, the cooldown for call trader begins.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘unbuilding’, but destroying the stall or selling an undeployed stall will remove the trader. Undeploying and redeploying a stall should not reset the cooltime timer on that stall.

The trader not leaving after undeploy is a bug, which will be fixed in the next build.

Let me know if you have any more questions :smile:

EDIT: If the shop isn’t showing up after clicking the show shop button, check that there aren’t any bulletins / notifications on the right side of the screen.


Perfect timing isn’t really necessary, since what we need is “availability” rather than “uptime.” So even in the worst case, if you have to summon Trader Bob right after Trader John leaves, you’d be able to summon Trader John again by the time Trader Bob leaves.


Perhaps the trader stall mechanics will need to be looked at again when we can build massive trade center port cities, but I think they work well enough for now.

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What exactly does the market stall do? I’ve crafted one, it allows summoning a merchant. But it has a shop called “Basic Resource Shop” with only stone and wood available (though quantity may vary).
Is there a way to expand the list of goods, more like a trade caravans’ inventory?

@MelOzone There are different stalls you can create, I beleive each one will give you its given stuff. like potter stall will give you pottery stuff etc

It’s more a way to get rid of extra stuff than a way to buy more. You can’t really expand the list of what it sells but if you hit the inventory cap you’ll need one to sell your way down.


So there’s no way to buy, say, clay or iron from them? Seems like Ascendants have no Iskender caravan encounters, and only those have clay.

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It is certainly possible to create a mod and add different items to the market stall stop. We may expand this later and have visiting traders/caravans come to your stall to sell different types of items. For now, they sell only very basic resources, and are mainly a means to sell things when you need to.