DT: Desert Critters!

DT: Desert Critters! – Stonehearth


Yes, I am certainly full of magma and I cannot wait to meet you all


The cactuslings! I love them. And the magma… thing critter at the end and goblin in a brown hood/thief. :heart::heartpulse::sparkling_heart:


I love this so much! it really gives the feel that the monsters adapted to their biome and are taking a whole new meaning as to what the desert entails. I can’t wait to see what else the team(cause we know the art department is doing the desert stuff so what is the rest doing) has planned for alpha 20. Keep working hard TR! we as a community will always stand right behind you waiting for the mysteries you guys have in store for us in the world of hearth!


I want to know more about Ragnarol


Oh yeah that guy!
I always wondered how it’d look in-game, but now seeing it, it has more matrices than the in-game Cap, i wouldn’t expect it any time soon (and it’s probabaly a titan, which is another reason)

Though, i’d love to try make her myself! Just for funz, and practice, but i’m not sure if i’m okay doing so


I’m not good at creating things, just edits, and seeing that cactusling made me realize I should put a little more effort into this guy I was working.


I like it! Is it called a Coconutling? :smiley:

Just cocolings :smile:

Once the cactusling goes live I will take a look at it. I liked its hands better.


This one is super cute. Please consider an alternative version with a cocktial-umbrella-thingy (or whatever they are called) :laughing:


I second this idea, and I want the name “Cocktail-umbrella-thingy” to stick…seriously, using that word from now on to reference a Cocktail-umbrella-thingy :smile:

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I am definitely VERY excited for the new desert critters. My favourite is pretty obvious. Even though they are probably just ideas, they all seem really cool and I will be happy no matter what ones make their way in! And the enemies changing to their environments is awesome! Can’t wait for Alpha 20!

its a coconutty :slight_smile: or cocolishes


Much excite. I really can’t wait to meet the new inhabitants of the desert. Will we have to make a new save to do so or?

Probably not. Most of the changes are re-skins, they should be auto-applied with the update.
(Actually, even if it was complete new monsters, they would eventually spawn too. Unless we have some major tech changes which makes the game incompatible)

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