DT: Building & Mining++



You chose my building! I always knew that I was building them not only for myself!)


Great to see this DT showing off the much-wanted additions now that the final pieces of the building and mining editor puzzle are clicking into place :jubilant:

Also fantastic to see mods and community content highlighted in DTs again!

I’m soooooo excited to try all this cool new stuff out when my computer recovers and when a24 drops.

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I know I am annoying but I really need one small thing for the Archmod.

I want to implement architectonic objects which replace voxel slabs. I figured out it is possible to do that if I make them windows but if I need to cut the voxels, Lings won’t place ladders next to the fixture. An option to mark a fixture as visual-only (so the voxels are not rendered but considered present) would solve the problem.

Just look at these sad columns. My Lings want to complete them but don’t know how :forlorn:


this would also mean that in my viking houses they would not wait for a bloody window to be put in before continueing building even though they could easilly build it in a different order. so im all in favor of this idea.