Dt: building basics


And that’s it for builder basics! Happy to hear your thoughts here in the comments, and we look forward to getting this builder to you very soon now. :slightly_smiling_face: In a future DT, we’ll take look at some more advanced topics, like second stories, the voxel slab tool, and more.


The idea to have the the world blur and out of focus while in planning phase is great, but too subtle. It can still be mistaken by a real build. Unless performance is an issue, I would prefer it way more out of focus and blurred, or desaturated colors.


Is there any chance to be able to place objects on top of objects and have them placed properly while building? I really want to get rid of the Sad Ghost Columns problem…


I can’t wait to play with the new editor!

The most frustrating part of playing SH for me, lately, has been using the current building editor and having to put up with its issues and inflexibility.

Hopefully the new editor comes to at least to a new Alpha soon.

Hearthlings can only reach a certain height, and this rule applies to both building and mining. Maybe try placing ladders on the bottom parts of the columns?

Love the new UI, looks much more user friendly. Could we maybe see an option for seeing furniture & décor that is not currently available/creatable? I find when I making buildings I like knowing what options are available down the road so I can make adjustments for them early rather then moving things around or, even resizing my build for it later, maybe have a checkbox for things you have access to now & things you don’t but want to add later?


My point is I (and probably every other user) expect Lings to place all the needed ladders automatically when I hit the Build button. Lings won’t place ladders if a ghost entity is not adjacent to a terrain or building voxel. This is a part of a bigger problem: Lings place objects on top of other objects only if they can reach them from the beginning, they don’t consider doing that worth any special effort so if ghost entity is adjacent only to another entity no effort is made to be able to reach it. Shouldn’t it be considered a bug?


It’s certainly possible. Let me chat with @not_owen_wilson and @Sweet about the possibility.


No point posting here any more

Though height is a factor, there are things they can reach and you have to use the move trick to stack them, such as wood crates. If you want to stack two crates on top of each other, you have to place both of them on the ground, then move the second one on top of the first. You can’t just directly stack both of them.

Back in the day, you could just stack them. It’d be interesting to see that again.

Parts of the UI have already been changed. The info card / bubble in the bottom left has definitly changed in the last couple alphas at least, as well as other small details I can’t remember off the top of my head. That said, unless I misunderstood her, I believe @Allie said they eventually want to go through and do a palet change / correction later.


How to open a new building UI, my latest beta does not have this feature

No point posting here any more


Yes! This is something we want to do and it’s a ticket in the backlog. Right now we are squashing other issues but want to get to this.

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