Doughnut Hole Buildings Trapping Workers

So this is a thing, I now have a prison. XD

Bug: “Doughnut Hole Buildings” trap workers.

Suggestion: Don’t place scaffolding in doorways, or allow doors to be placed first as scaffolding. Other option, double sided scaffolding for houses so that people don’t get trapped inside. Another suggestion yet, allow scaffolding to be used as ladders, although this would cease working once the wall got above 2 blocks height from the floor.

Personally I think the easiest thing and most elegant looking in the game would be not to have scaffolding in doorways if possible.

Reference Image:


It’s so sad, they’re crying themselves to death, literally! Save the workers!


Ha. Not a bug. Your fault!

You can get them out by building ladders though.


Not a bug, not sure if you’re being serious or not…? O.o

They wouldn’t build the ladder through the already existing scaffolding. Nor could anyone get to the inner portion to build a ladder from the other side because of the scaffolding being in the way.

So yea, I hardly see how it’s my fault considering they build themselves in. Houses like this aren’t a new concept.

Also… I’ve always thought that having scaffolding in the doorway that couldn’t be walked through was just silly.

Solution: Try not building donut shaped buildings. The building maker is still fairly early and might not be ready to make that shape work yet

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If I just stick to what works and what is simple, that doesn’t test very much. Does it?


Tested and confirmed.

Builders won’t finish building so you can’t build ladders to get them out.


Poor little villagers…

thanks @Silas! :+1:

man, now that i see this design… i wantz one!

I think the idea about not allowing scaffolding in front of doors is still a valid one though. In my last game I built a wall around my city with buildings to act as gates. I’m not sure the exact order of events that occured, but at one point my carpenter entered the building and trapped himself in there.

He had to wait two days for the workers to finish and take down the scaffolding in front of the door before he could get out.

Since we really don’t have direct control of workers I expect this is going to keep happening in edge cases, even after release. It might be a good idea to allow workers to harness themselves up and slowly climb over unfinished walls in worksites, so they never get trapped. Another option would be for them to put up temporary ladders, but I expect this could result in a similar problem if they tried to take it down with the rest of the scaffolding.

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Hopefully by the time we get the full release, we’ll be able to edit existing buildings, and add/remove doors to let them out :slight_smile: . Beyond that though, scaffolding you can walk through would solve a lot of the problems.