[Dup] NPCs stuck inside buildings being built

When building, if you have any NPCs inside the building and the final wall goes up, they will be trapped until scaffolding comes down.
How to replicate: Place a table with chairs inside the building being built. When they go for food, if the workers finish the walls, those guys are trapped.
Continuation of issue: Once you start to break the scaffolding around the building, if there are any items to be placed inside the house still, workers will stop go get it, climb over the part where the door scaffolding is now only halfway removed, place the item and suddenly is stuck. They can climb over the half scaffolding to get in, but not out.
Possible fix maybe: If there is a way to make it so that any NPCs be able to clip through scaffolding from the inside, and not the outside? So like, the wall is clippable only from the inside.

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