[Dup] Worker getting stuck in simple building

It’s happened to me several times, but this time I got to see every step that led to the problem.

Before the building was completed one worker decided to put in a door. A wall was low enough so that he could step into the building to get access to the doorway. He went through the doorway and put in the door from the outside. He ended up stuck inside the door for a while, probably because there was still scaffolding in the way. Eventually he opened the door and stepped into the building. Now he’s hungry and can’t get out.

This could be solved by dropping putting a ladder on the inside I image. That is if the ladder gets finished and trapped worker gets out before the wall gets built higher. I tried this, forgetting that I can’t build a ladder down. Too bad I can’t have one worker toss in some wood for the guy.

I have an idea to that I think would work to prevent this sort of thing. The concept is to build scaffolding so that it does not block opening in the wall, such as windows and doors. Basically the scaffold could be supported where the the windows and doors where not and bridge over the tops of windows and doors. Or this could be done with only doorways as a means to allow workers to escape.

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