Does anybody know when the ability to save your game will be added

i want to make a lets play but i cant do that until its add anybody got any idea when

Unfortunately we do not know yet. But you schould be able to make some videos without that option… just not episodes of the same game for the beginning.

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save games will become an increasingly more important part of the bug squashing effort, so it stands to reason they will be worked on sooner rather than later… but as @voxel_pirate mentioned, we simply dont know any specifics yet…

stay tuned! :+1:

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They will let us know. I guess you will have to wait.

An option to avoid this could be to play on a computer you don’t use and leave the game running whilst not recording, or to video lots in bulk.

However to be honest, in the early stages, with the lack of content that there will be, I doubt you could make too lengthy an LP anyway. I’d recommend several mini-series until sufficient content’s added. :stuck_out_tongue:

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While that is a possible solution, it is quite tedious and battery consuming. But that’s all we’ll have. :wink:

Whilst I am looking forward to seeing what people have to offer in terms of LPs, I very much doubt that Alpha 1 will contain enough content to start an LP.

Just my thoughts anyway.


As a YouTube I learn you have to make the game interesting to the people watching. I seen people play some boring as games. But they make it fun.

Oh yer, totally, but I meant in terms of a series it’s probably going to be a bit difficult to mix it up ya know?

No, I think I will think of a way to make it work, we will see.

well, there are always ways one can liven up a game, by self imposing limitations, requirements, etc.

but, as has been said, the alpha will be somewhat content light, and will be focused on testing the systems that are functioning, providing feedback on modifications/improvements, etc.

LPs at this early stage could help establish a channel though, so… have fun! :smile:

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don’t worry guys ill just make a few game play videos first each one about 10 to 20 min then after a few updates ll make a lp that should work