Do crash reports auto log to support team?

I am using latest alpha build minimal tested. I wanted to play game and help developers by being alpha tester. I wanted to ask about crashes.

Do crash reports auto log to support team? Or do we have to share the crash.dmp file here? Since i am receiving alot of those Crash Reports and I don’t even know what thing has stopped working and I don’t feel right since i can’t help so…

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We do not automatically get crash reports, so please do post them here!

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Should I continue in this thread or create a separate each time? I just received an exception and would like to share.

I just received an exception but my crash.dmp is showing modification date of yesterday. I think this is not logged in crash.dmp file.

Even though I clicked Copy To Clipboard button in game (and i closed the game just to confirm if crash.dmp might update after i close it) and tried to paste the Copied exception to text file… There was nothing copied xD.

I don’t know if its also a bug or I didn’t click properly. But I can’t share that crash report now. This crash.dmp file is of yesterday.

It might help!

crash.dmp (167.7 KB)

This is the path of crash.dmp file on my local machine. Is this the correct file?


here’s the crash.dmp from a crash I just had.
crash.dmp (163.1 KB)