Discourse on Phones

The thread scrollbar that shows the current comment number and the total number of comments is pretty useful on desktop. Today, though, it showed up on my phone’s browser, then decided to stretch itself to the full width and most of the height of my screen. I can now only read a couple lines at a time on my phone, which makes my phone entirely useless for reading here.

That shouldn’t happen! What phone do you have?

It has collapsed down in height and now is just a bar at the bottom of the page with the title across. Unfortunately, it moves up when the keyboard pops in so I can’t see the line I’m typing and there’s no way to hit the submit button unless I go to another page to edit (I’m typing this after clicking on your profile page while drafting a comment.)

I have a Galaxy S5. I haven’t had this problem before. [Not even earlier today.]

Ah, OK. Now I see what’s going on. That was added a few weeks ago, looks like got rolled out to us recently. You should be able to collapse the timeline completely by tapping above the title, or using the using the timeline to jump to the post you want.

There is an active discussion right now over whether this is the best use of space - current opinion seems to be that it is too big…might change to a horizontal timeline, but unknown at this time.

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Only thing I had happen on the mobile version was when trying a response, no letters would show up, only punctuation…no idea if it is resolved today, but we shall see a little later on.

Thats…odd. I’ve never heard of that happening before. Android of iPhone? If Android, what browser and OS version?

Android 6.0

Chrome version 54.0.2840.68

Really odd - my tablet’s running the exact same OS and browser…if you can reproduce it, let me know!

Certainly will! I thought it odd too…I will grab a few screenshots if I am able as well.

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Seems to be working today…had no update for the app, but if I come across it again, I will grab a capture. Glad it was short lived…it got super annoying when trying to respond to posts :stuck_out_tongue: