New Vertical Timeline and Topic Controls

Update: It’s live!

Hey Stonehearth fans, quick heads-up about an upcoming change in the Disourse UI. Within the next week, the right gutter (that mostly empty space to the right of posts), will be getting an overhaul. Currently, the right gutter is used to display topic links, both outgoing (links typed into the post), and incoming (links to posts that link to the post you’re reading). These links will move below the posts, and the right gutter will get a brand new “timeline”. Think of it as a fancy scroll bar, with the post number, post date, and ability to drag up and down. This change should be seen on desktop, and larger mobile devices. Smaller tablets and phones will keep the small progress bar in the bottom right. I have included some screenshots below. If you have any concerns, or run into issues, feel free to reply to this topic and I will relay them to the Discourse devs. Enjoy!


Hey that’s cool. I’ll take it!

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